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Collecting Some Dust

I'm just Collecting Some Dust here and there

All the grass cut in Florida in one month could feed all the animals on the planet for a year. We just don’t use it. And these assholes tell you that you live in scarcity? You don’t live in scarcity, you live in a poorly designed and poorly managed system.

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The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.

—Terri Conley, professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan ( link )

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She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.

—Roman Payne, The Wanderess (via universal-wanderer)

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Reversed roles.

I literally don’t know how this doesn’t have 1 squillion notes

The show dog one. This is why is don’t like dog shows

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